Our Story



How do you stand out in the craft distillery industry?


"Quality, understanding and perspective. It is funny, nobody gave it a second thought when I said my background was in bars and night clubs. I have literally been studying liquor, people and money my entire adult life. Creating a grassroots following and product buzz is my forte.


Secondly, but equally important, quality. We are the number one top shelf craft spirit out of San Diego -- and it is not even close. When we say small batch what we mean is we do twelve to eighteen bottles per batch.


A lot more effort equals a lot more quality. While we are the most expensive craft spirit in San Diego we have found our niche on the top shelf of the majority of upscale bars and restaurants as well as the standard grocery and liquor outlet.


I subscribe to the notion that once you know, you can’t un-know, so let’s taste it."


David Jackson - Owner, Perfect Soul Whiskey & Rum, San Marcos




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